Who are we?

We are a group of people who are crazy for God and have a passion to share His story with everyone. That’s why we want to create a place where everyone is welcomed to EXPLORE Christianity with us. Here are some of the things that we consider EXTREMELY important.  


God is important to us. Everything we do is to honor him. We value the things he says in the Bible on how Jesus influences our lives today. 


You matter to God. You were created to have a relationship with God and worship Him. Everything we do at NewWay Church is designed to honor God and add value to your Christian walk.


Creating local community is important to us. We want people feel like they are part of a big family made up of people who love accept and respect each other. To us, that’s what church is all about.  


We want people influence others for God. As we share our God-experiences with others, we will multiply and reach more people for God.  

Our Leadership Team


Adrian Tranquilino

Lead Pastor

Adrian is a passionate teacher and leader with 28-years of ministry experience. He holds a degree in Religious Education and is the visionary lead pastor of a new church start-up, NewWay Church. He lives in Clio, Michigan with his wife Sherri and son, Alex.

Paul Schneider

Arts and Media

Paul was called to use his creative gifts to bring others to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. He directed the award-winning film “A Hope Without Walls”. He lives in Linden, Michigan with his wife Alicia and children Madi and Ben.


What Do We Believe? 

Here are some of our basic Christian believes. 

1. The Bible is true and relevant today

The Bible is the inspired, infallible, authoritative Word of God for us today.  

2. God is real and the supreme ruler

There is one God and he is powerful. 

3. God's love is the most powerful force in the universe

God loves us and he wants to have a relationship with us.  

4. Jesus is real, the Creator of everything, and yes, He is God

Jesus is more than a good teacher or a prophet who lived a long time ago. He gave his life for us and came back from the dead so that we can have a relationship with God. 

5. The Holy Spirit is active and in charge

We feel God’s presence in our lives through his Spirit.  

6. Heaven is real and so is Hell

According to the Bible, they are real places and we choose where to go. 

7. Baptism is more than a public act

We baptize people when they choose to live for him. The Bible shows us that it symbolizes the things Jesus did to save us from sin.

8. Living on a mission and on purpose

God inspires us to live in a new way through what the Bible says. 

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