• Our goal is to plant a church that will reach 1,000 people within the first five years of the church opening its doors. Our vision is to have a church that plants other churches around the city of Flint!

Who We Serve

NewWay Church’s main purpose is to reach the 63% of people who do not currently attend church by creating a place they will feel welcomed, accepted and free to explore their questions about God and their purpose in life.

Reach younger generations

1-in-5 people in the Flushing area are of ages 25-40. At NewWay Church, we want the unchurched to experience both a service that is relevant to them and a display of God’s love that captivates them. We’ll leverage social media, technology, multimedia and music to present the message in modern, dynamic and creative way. Most importantly, everything revolves around Jesus and His empowering grace.

Serve young families with children

There are more than 1,000 households with children in the Flushing area. NewWay Church will act as an extended family that encourages what God has called us to be as spouses and as parents while giving opportunities to implement those skills. Families will appreciate our high priority put on the cleanliness and safety within our age-appropriate children environments and programs.

Empower busy leaders and social entrepreneurs

The city of Flushing is a busy and thriving community. With 1/3 of the population working for private companies or being self-employed, we want to be a positive support to the ecosystem of the community. We want to enrich visionaries both spiritually and physically and send out social entrepreneurs. NewWay Church will connect individuals who provide service to those in who are in need of it as well as aid those struggling to find work.

What You’ll See


At NewWay Church, our passionate music has a contemporary, full-band sound that will encourage individuals to freely worship God.


The Bible is God’s love story to humanity. It is important that we present these inspired words in a relatable but yet theologically sound manner. We also want to instill a desire for everyone to spend time daily in the Bible.


How often can we remember a quote from a movie but not last week’s sermon? We will blend impactful media into our Sunday services and stay connected throughout the week on social media.


One of our highest priorities is to provide clean, safe and engaging environments for children. They will learn simple and yet powerful biblical principles in a fun way.


We were created for doing good and we want to create opportunities to live out our faith and make a difference in the community. We want to be known for our generosity within Genesee County.


At NewWay Church, our desire is to build both a growing church and a church full of growing people who are consistently becoming more Christ-like. We will give intentional ways for people to connect with God, connect with others through small groups, and impact the community through areas of service.

5-Year Vision Strategy and Timeline

We understand that planting and developing a new church is one of the greatest challenges in the Kingdom of Heaven. For this reason, it is essential that we prayerfully spend quality time in planting NewWay Church in the area of Flushing and surrounding communities. The goal is not to “go public” before the proper seeds are planted or a firm foundation is laid.


The leadership team will be the core group of people who share the same vision and passion for starting NewWay Church. The leadership team will fully define and document the vision and plan of the church.

The main priority of this phase is recruiting, training and developing a launch team. These volunteers will be instrumental in the success and growth of every area of NewWay Church and taking the church ‘public’.


Teams will rehearse their new roles in the church by scheduling preview worship services. This includes the logistics of setting up the venue, the service itself as well as children’s ministries and first impressions.

This is what we’ve been building towards! We’ve spent the first three phases to prepare NewWay Church for fruitful ministry, now is the time to make a lasting impact. The grand opening is when we ‘go live’.


From the Grand Opening onward, the church will continue gaining momentum with each and every worship service. More ministries will be added as the church grows and the needs increase. Within the first five years, NewWay Church’s goal is to grow a church that will impact 1,000 people each week in the area of Flushing. After that, the vision is to plant a new church in another community surrounding the city of Flint.


After we go live, the next two years will include refining our worship services, solidifying every ministry of the church and establishing payrolls as required.

Initially, NewWay Church will be a “portable church” most likely holding services at a local school auditorium. God willing, we will have the opportunity to have a permanent facility by year 3.


The following two years will be focused on the continual growth and expansion of NewWay Church. We will be building a body of passionate Christ-followers to be a blessing to the community around us.

It is our desire for the church congregation to have grown to 700-1,000 people in attendance. The goal is to train and disciple new leaders for the planting of a new church in one of the surrounding communities of Flint.


Join the Vision

Perhaps the best way to help is by joining the launch team! You have talents,
abilities and gifts that you can use for God. It’ll be a pleasure to work side by side!

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