• Our vision is to start a new church for people who don’t currently go to church and want to explore Christianity for the first time.

Why A New Church?

We are starting a new church because we want to create a place for people to explore the things of God. We want a church that understands our current needs and provides simple, practical and useful answers for our lives today. In fact, our mission is simple: inspire people find God, influence them to grow in their faith and impact our communities by doing good things.  


We are here to inspire people to get back to the things of God and explore Christianity at a personal level. 


We are here to influence everyone to grow and go deeper in their faith in God. 


We are here to impact our communities by sharing God’s stories in our lives and by doing good things.  

Who is this Church for?

It is for anyone who wants it and needs it. It is for people who are exploring Christianity for the first time, who are curious about God’s purpose for their lives and who want to make a difference.  

Curious People

NewWay Church is perfect for all of us who are exploring the spiritual things of God, faith and have questions about what the Bible says.


NewWay church is for everyone who has families. We explore what the Bible says about strengthening families and provide a safe, clean and fun place for our kids. 


We live in a busy community of thriving and successful individuals. We value our time and demand excellence For this reason, everything we do at NewWay Church is designed to meet our needs and provide practical, relevant and useful information from the Bible.  


What Am I to Expect at NewWay Church?

Expect to have a great experience with us. Here are some of the things you will notice about us right off the bat.



One of our highest priorities is to provide a clean, fun and exciting environment for our children. Our Sunday School is called “Kid’s World” and it is designed for them to have fun as they learn simple things about God. 


We are obsessed to making things simple and stress-free. The moment you drive into the parking lot, you will notice signs everywhere to guide you to the main entrance. Once inside, it should be easy to find the coffee area, the children’s areas and the auditorium.  



We want for everyone to grow in the faith and become influencers for God Our goal is to have a clear growth path to help people find their purpose in life. 


We are totally passionate about worship. For this reason, we strive in creating an atmosphere and culture of worship in everything we do. 



We love video. You will see lots of video before and during the worship service.  


We want to be a church that gives and is generous in every way. 


Join the Launch Team

We are looking for people to help us start NewWay Church by joining the Launch Team! 

The Launch Team is a group of passionate people who want to do something amazing for God by helping us to start a new church in the Flushing area.  

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